Yes you can. We are very flexible and will accommodate changes if possible. To discuss booking changes with us, please visit our contact us page for ways to contact us.

Yes you can. You can cancel your booking at anytime. If you cancel unto 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time,you will receive a full refund. Cancellations after this point and you may still be charged for your booking.

To cancel your booking, please email us at [email protected].

We do not charge toll or bookings fees, the price you see is the price you pay.

Our price are listed in US dollars (USD) but you may be able to select other currencies from the menu option

Our online booking process is very easy, straightforward and safe. you can complete your booking online in as little as 3 minutes. We have made our online booking process is very mobile friendly. If you would rather book via email or over the phone, please see our Contact Us page for ways to contact us to complete your booking.

At Montego Bay or Kingston airports, our airport representatives or your driver will meet you with a placard (name plate) with your name on it in the 'airport arrival hall'. The arrival hall is after customs and baggage collection but just before you exit the airport.

At your hotel or business place, your driver will meet you in the lobby or at the front desk.

At your residence or pickup address, the driver will call you on arrival or knock on your door is its safe and possible to do so.

Your ride is private. We are currently only offering private transportation for you and your travel companions to enjoy. Your transport will depart as soon as you arrive, no need to wait for other passengers to arrive or make unexpected stops or detour en route to your destination.

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