About Us

So about us, ok here we go. To create an informative about us page we have decided to tell you who we are, how the idea for Jamaica Taxi came about, what we offer & why we are different from other private transfer company


Who we are

I have just realised that by starting with who we are, I am already telling you a little about why we are different. Well my name is Dave and I am a Jamaica. I migrated to the UK about 20 years to ago to study and the rest is history.  I was an accountant then a Business Analyst (design and deliver business solutions) but now my focus is to make sure that you are satisfied with our services, constantly improve the quality of our service and to resolve any issue you may have and yes to spread the word. You may have notice that I have a focus and not a title, that’s because I do whatever is required.

In the management team we also have Nick (Head of Airport Transfers) who owns and operate a fleet of JUTA registered vehicles, Nick has many years’ experience of self-managing his vehicles and his drivers, delivering airport transfer services across the Montego Bay area and beyond. 

We also have Neil (Head of Tours) a tourism veteran who knows all the best places to take his passengers based on their needs. Neil owns several vehicles and again uses his vehicles and drivers to transport tourist and locals on tours and excursions all over the island. 

Finally, we also have Natshe (Driver Coordinator), she has tons of can-do attitude, and a work ethics to match, all of which she brings to the team. Its Natshe’s responsibility to make sure that drivers are where they are supposed to be. We do have an app in the making but her can do attitude is an invaluable part of our approach.


Where the idea came from

The idea for Jamaica Tours and Transfers came to me when I was preparing to take a trip back home (from UK to Jamaica). Whenever I travelled around Europe, America or even to China, I usually book my tickets, my hotel and lastly an airport transfer to the whichever hotel I was staying. 

On this occasion I couldn’t book the transfer online because I wasn’t staying at a popular hotel in Jamaica and all the online sites were only offering “fixed priced airport transfer packages”, i.e. you had to select a product/packaged consisting of a priced transfer from either Kingston or Montego Bay airport to one of the popular hotels, there was no option to just insert any 2 locations and get a quote. While this approach could work for visitors who are staying at a popular hotel, it doesn’t work for visitors who are staying with families or at a less known hotel and that’s when I realised that no one was catering for visitors or returning residents who want a more flexible transfer bookings system.


What We Offer

While we do understand the inherent constraints (Jamaica’s building/door numbering system is incomplete especially in rural areas), we felt that more efforts should be made to bring Jamaica airport transfer service in line with that of the USA, UK and most of Europe where you can book a transfer to and from any destination on the map of Jamaica and that’s exactly what we are offering you want to. Don’t know exactly where you want to be dropped off, type in a parish (city) and we will generate a quote you to take you to the most central part of the parish and our drivers will take you to your exact destination at not extra cost. 

In addition to flexible booking we offer a tremendously easy to use system, as business analyst, designing a site that is intuitive and easy to navigate was my focus and I believe we have done a tremendous job at offering our customers exactly that, a flexible and stress-free booking process, as our tagline says, arrive happy leave happy.


Why We Are Different 

Our offering is unique in that you can expect stress-free booking for your transfers or tour, you can also expect to be picked up from absolutely any address or location in Jamaica without having to submit your request and expect to be quoted a price days later.  With us you can also expect the best possible price/value combination, we won’t always be the cheapest but we will continue to strive excellence in service and to provide you the best value for your money. We will always be working hard to improve our site, our service and to provide the best possible value for your hard earned money and that’s why we are different.