Jamaica is blessed with delicious food and can be visited all year round. There is nevertheless a high season, from December to April. The months of June, September and October are the rainiest months. September is also the least favorable month due to the annual hurricane season , which officially runs from June 1 to October 31. On this page we will tell you more about the best travel time to Jamaica.

Best travel time to Jamaica

Due to the location of the country it is nice and warm here all year round. In June and from August to October you can expect a bit more rain, but the number of days that it rains is minimal.


It gets warmer during the summer months (June to September). Keep in mind that prices are going up considerably in high season. The high season in Jamaica runs from December to April with January to March as the peak season.


TIP ♥ -  Jamaica can be visited all year round, but the best travel time is the months of  December to April .

The seasons of Jamaica

By seasons we do not mean here the seasons as in the Netherlands, but more the 'travel' seasons that determine the best travel time in Jamaica. You can actually visit Jamaica all year round. If you look at the rainfall, that is a lot less compared to countries such as the Philippines or Costa Rica .

Below is an overview of the different seasons in Jamaica.

Peak season(December to April)

The high season runs from December to April with the months of January to March as the busiest months. In the high season you have sunny, warm days and little rain. It can cool down in the evening and prices are the highest.

Mid season(May and November)

May and November are the odd one out when it comes to Jamaica's best travel time. In May the rain starts to increase (and prices decrease) while November is actually a good month to travel (after the hurricane season).

Low season(June to October)

June to October is officially the hurricane season. It is raining a bit more, but you also have more chances to flow, especially from August, which means that June and July are in principle still great months to visit Jamaica. Prices are lower.

Jamaica's best travel time per month

The weather can never be predicted. Not even in Jamaica. Although the hurricane season runs from June to October, it can also be great weather and in the high season it can rain for days on end. To keep it a little uncluttered, we give a small explanation every month.


In January you are in the middle of the best travel time in Jamaica. It is one of the busier months in the high season. The temperature is slightly lower than in the rest of the year, but that makes it a pleasant month. The rain is minimal and there are often short showers. Count on higher prices.


February is 1ua again comparable to January. The temperatures rise. It is a perfect month for a sunny holiday, but it can cool down reasonably well in the evenings and at night. Although it rains occasionally in February, showers are rare and of short duration, with lots of sun and blue skies.


TIP ♥ - the high season (December to April) is also called ' Doctor Breeze ' due to the refreshing wind


March is still one of the best travel times in Jamaica. It is getting a little warmer and the rain is also decreasing. March is on average the driest month of the year and therefore very popular among travelers. The ideal basket for swimming and relaxing on the beach.



April marks the end of Jamaica's best travel time. The weather is comparable in temperature to previous months, but there is less rain. After April the rain starts to increase, so April is the last month before the rain starts. April is one of the best months because the weather is good and the number of travelers is low.


May is a bit of a transition month. You are still before the hurricane season, but rain is increasing. The showers are often short, but intense. A poncho certainly doesn't hurt. The temperature starts to rise in May, but is still pleasant.


June 1 is the off-peak start of the hurricane season, but it is of course not the case that it will immediately go wild in Jamaica. Temperatures rise above 30 degrees in June, while the rainy season also comes around. Hurricanes don't really bother you. They occur more often in August and September.


July is comparable to June in terms of weather only with slightly less rain. The temperature is still high and in terms of tourism it is somewhat busier due to the international vacations.


In August it is hot and humid in Jamaica, while there is also a little more rain than in the previous month. From August you also have more chances of storms so it is not the most ideal month to travel.


The best travel time Jamaica is September, the least favorable month to travel. September is one of the wettest months of the island, but showers are again short, but very intense. It is often good weather between the showers. The most important reason for not traveling in September is the risk of hurricanes. It is the largest this month.


October is almost the same as September in terms of weather. You have a lot of sun, but October is also the wettest month of the year with the most rainfall. In between showers it is often nice weather so traveling is still possible.


Although November is not in high season, we believe it is one of the better months to travel. The weather is great and you are also sitting before the crowds of December and January. Prices are also low.


The most popular month to visit Jamaica is December. Together with January, it is one of the busiest months of the year. Many Caribbean islands experience a peak in tourism in December because of Europeans and (North) Americans who want to get away from the winter temperatures.


TIP ♥ - December is also the most expensive month of the year and reservation is a must

Best period to go

The best travel time for Jamaica is the whole year round, with the month of September as an exception due to the chance of flows. The difference in weather here is not as great as in countries such as Colombia or Bolivia where it can really get lost.

High season (December to April)

In itself it is special that there is talk about a high season, because some travelers notice no difference at all. Nevertheless, the months of December to April are designated as high season. This will mainly have to do with the crowds in terms of tourism.


TIP ♥ - high season also means that it is busier and prices are going up. Booking accommodation is also not a superfluous luxury.


You don't have to worry that beaches or hotels are packed. Certainly the sights are not yet flooded by tourism. That's because Jamaica is a bit more an 'all-inclusive' destination (really) than a destination where people go on a tour.

Summer in Jamaica (June to October)

The summer months in Jamaica are not the most ideal months to go for many travelers. No matter how crazy that sounds. July can still be pleasant, but it is slowly getting warmer and the wind is starting to increase.


Many advise not to travel to Jamaica during the summer months. After all, it is known as the hurricane season. Others advise you to go to Jamaica during these months. What is wisdom?

Go or not?

The advantage is that you can take advantage of the low prices and few tourists during these months. In addition, compared to the Caribbean, Jamaica has been relatively little hit by hurricanes in recent years. So you can travel in these months, but be careful


The disadvantage is that hotels often run at half speed or even close. In addition, the low season is the period to complete construction work. In addition, it can happen that you spend the day in your hotel room due to heavy rain showers.


TIP ♥ - prices go down during this period

Hurricane season

A time you may want to avoid is during the hurricane season, which officially lasts from June 1 to November 30. As mentioned above, the chance of violent hurricanes in Jamaica is rather small. Compared to other countries, the island is much less affected by hurricanes.


If hurricanes occur, it is often between the end of August and the beginning of September. This is usually the peak of the hurricane season. For example, northern Jamaica, on the Cuba side , is one of the regions within the Atlantic hurricane belt that could be at risk during this season.


TIP ♥ - hurricane season is from June to November.